Higher Education Policies

In its statute, the Institute for the Development of Education (IDE) aims to develop and advocate improvements of laws, statutes, strategies and other documents important for democratising the Croatian higher education system by making IDE’s opinions on existing policies public, publishing analyses and survey results on the efficiency of relevant policies and participating in the work of advisory bodies and working groups within the higher education system.
The Institute for the Development of Education (IDE) contributes to the enhancement of the higher education system in Croatia, as well as to the work and services of relevant institutions in higher education, by providing them with necessary expertise and technical support in the form of consulting services which cover the following areas: 

  • Improving higher education financing system
  • Fairness and social inclusion of higher education 
  • Quality assurance of higher education
  • Croatian qualification framework
  • Recognition of formal and informal learning
  • Establishing and implementing academic mobility programmes, particularly by providing support in creating platforms and strategies on a national level;
  • Internationalising Croatian institutions of higher education and promoting Croatian higher education with the goal of attracting international students; 
  • Opening career advising services at Croatian universities

IDE possesses significant expertise and experience in applying for and managing EU projects in fields of the above mentioned public policies. Through those projects, IDE has actualised partnerships with numerous higher education and public institutions in Croatia and abroad. More information about EU projects IDE is implementing or has implemented is available here.