The Berlin International Human Rights Congress

Held on the 20th Anniversary of German Reunification

Place: Berlin, Germany 

Date: 1st - 4th October 2010

The Berlin International Human Rights Congress (BIHRC) is an international congress, taking place on the 20th anniversary of German reunification that will offer an interdisciplinary analysis of the fields of human rights and democracy. The event will explore developments in these areas over the past two decades and will then consider the key issue shaping discussions on the international level today. The program will consist of lectures, seminars, debates and panel discussions that will feature leading figures from international politics & diplomacy, academia, civil society, international development, and the private sector. Participants of the program will also have the unique opportunity to celebrate the 20th anniversary of German reunification on the streets of Berlin. Further details about the program can be found under:  

The speakers during the Seminar will include leading figures and experts from international politics, academia, the diplomatic community, civil society and the private sector, from across the world. These speakers will include a number of individuals from the ICD Advisory Board (for further information about the Advisory Board please click here  ).

Confirmed Speakers for the Congress include:

· Dr. Emil Constantinescu; ICD Board Member - Former President of Romania

· HE Lt. Jerry John Rawlings; Former President of Ghana

· Mark C. Donfried; Director - the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

· Dr. Miomir Zuzul; ICD Advisory Board Member - Former Foreign Minister of Croatia

· Dr. Solomon Isaac Passy; ICD Advisory Board Member - Former Foreign Minister of Bulgaria

· H.E. Yasar Yakis; ICD Advisory Board Member - Former Foreign Minister of Turkey

Conference Participants
The conference participants will include young professionals, students and scholars, civil society practitioners, private sector representatives, journalists, and other interested stakeholders from across the world.

To apply:  

Certificate of Attendance
All conference participants will be awarded an official certificate of attendance at the end of the program. This certificate will confirm attendance and provide details of the speakers who took part during the program and the topics discussed.

Participant Papers
The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy encourages research and progressive thought into the fields of culture, globalization and international relations. In this regard, the ICD is welcoming participants of the Conference to submit papers on this subject. The papers can cover any topic within these fields, according to your own particular interests and passions. Participants can submit work that they have completed in the past for other purposes, ongoing research or a paper written specifically for the conference. Groups of students are also allowed to submit collaborative pieces of work.

Sustainable Network
Conference participants will become part of a growing international network of people from across the world with different fields of interest and levels of experience, who share a commitment to intercultural exchange. Participants will be able to remain in touch with each other through the ICD Online Network. This network represents a medium through which members can exchange information on research, job opportunities, related events, and coordinate their own cultural exchange initiatives. The ICD will help to support the participants in their future activities by providing guidance and advice on possible research topics and helping to support members who plan to organize their own cultural exchange initiatives.