Annual report 2010: successful advocacy and support for HE reform in Croatia

Zagreb 15.07.2011

The Institute for the Development of Education publishes its 2010 annual report

The Institute for the Development of Education (IDE) has published its 2010 annual report with a summary of IDE’s accomplishments and an overview of achieved goals and results in the previous year. As one of its most noteworthy achievements, IDE successful led a campaign to ensure the tax-exemption of scholarships through legal amendments. IDE also continued to advocate the social dimension of higher education and supported universities and relevant government institutions on projects relating to the development and reform of higher education.

More than 24.000 clients contacted IDE regarding information about study and financial aid opportunities. Through scholarship programmes administered by IDE, 54 students and lecturers received scholarships for study or professional development abroad, including at prestigious universities such as Cambridge University and University of California at Berkeley. The report can be found on the following web page (in Croatian only).

In 2010 IDE achieved the goals set in its Strategic plan 2008-2010, and the main accomplishments were the following:

  • Policy advocacy: IDE, in cooperation with the Croatian-American Foundation for Education and Training, managed to secure the tax-exemption of scholarships in Croatia by proposing amendments to the Income Tax Act and Income Tax Bylaw, which were passed in June 2010. Furthermore, by publishing numerous expert texts and press releases IDE actively advocated the advancement of the social dimension of higher education. Finally, in 2010 IDE’s representatives were invited to participate in the Accreditation Council of the Agency for Science and Higher Education and in the European Working Group on the Social Dimension of the Bologna Process.

  • Providing expertise and technical support: Together with Croatian universities, the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (MSES) and the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes, IDE has worked on development projects concerning the following: financing higher education, student financial aid, equal access to higher education and academic mobility. In addition, IDE conducted the first international EUROSTUDENT survey in Croatia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (the results will be published in English in September 2011).

  • Educational advising services: In 2010 IDE received over 17.000 inquiries and visitors regarding study and scholarship opportunities in Croatia, Europe and USA, while IDE’s web sites received 2.2 million hits. Furthermore, over 7.000 visitors attended the 2010 Scholarships Fair.

IDE’s work and accomplishments are the result of cooperation with all stakeholders in higher education, including partnerships with domestic and foreign institutions and individuals from all sectors of society. Thus, in 2010 IDE cooperated with 125 institutions and 33 experts and associates who were directly involved in IDE’s projects and services.

We would hereby like to thank all our donors, sponsors and associates for their trust and continuous cooperation.