Transparent information about Croatian scholarships

The Institute has launched a new version of its scholarships web portal, including a search engine for scholarships offered by Croatian institutions

The Institute for the Development of Education has launched a new version of the web portal with numerous novelties, including a new search engine for scholarships offered by Croatian institutions. The scholarships database on the portal contains information about 347 scholarships programs offered by Croatian institutions, and a total of 2131 scholarships competitions (both Croatian and international) have been published in the competitions database over the last five years, making the portal the largest resource on scholarships options in Croatia.

The majority of Croatian institutions (60%) listed in the scholarships database of the portal are central government, regional and local government institutions, 12% are foundations and non-profit organizations, 12% are private companies, 4% are embassies and 13 % are other categories of institutions.

The new scholarships search engine is the only place in Croatia where it is possible to browse institutions that award scholarships for disadvantaged social groups (students from a low-income background, students with a disability or students that are members of ethnic minorities).

Of all the scholarships competitions published on the portal (both Croatian and international competitions), 75% are for scholarships for studying abroad while 25% are scholarships for studying in Croatia.

The portal was launched by the Institute for the Development of Education in 2005 to ensure access to Croatian students and the wider academic community to information about financial aid opportunities for study in Croatia or abroad as well as to ensure transparency of published scholarships competitions.

Today the portal has over 1.5 million web hits a year.