Linking quality and equity in higher education in Croatia

Zagreb, 20.03.2014

The Institute for the Development of Education, in collaboration with 6 partner institutions, has started work on linking quality and equity in the quality assurance procedures of higher education institutions in Croatia.

The Institute for the Development of Education (IDE), in collaboration with project partners (University of Rijeka, University of Zadar, University of Applied Sciences "Marko Marulic" in Knin, the Association for the Development of Higher Education Universitas, Institute for Social Research and the Agency for Science and Higher Education ) and international expert Professor Liz Thomas, has begun working on the project “E-quality: Linking quality and social inclusion in higher education in Croatia”. The main objective of the project is to contribute to the improvement of quality assurance systems at higher education institutions through the inclusion of standards related to equity in higher education . Detailed information about the project, but also on the theme of equity and quality assurance in higher education, can be found on the official website of the project

In order to contribute to developing a quality culture in higher education in Croatia based on equity, the project will be introduce socially inclusive practices of quality assurance at each partner institution. The project will also recommend the development of a “quality label” to be awarded to institutions of higher education in Croatia that promote equity and social inclusion. So far, as part of a project, research was conducted among students from underrepresented groups at the partner institutions of higher education about their needs related to the successful completion of their studies. Based on the research results, a report will be produced with recommendations to partner institution on how to develop socially inclusive practices and include them in their internal quality assurance procedures. The project started on 22 August 2013 and will last until 21 February 2015.

On this occasion, we announce a joint project seminar at the University of Rijeka, which will be held on 28 March 2014. At the seminar, the results of the aforementioned research will be presented. The seminar will be led by an international expert on the project Professor Liz Thomas and MSc Ninoslav Šćukanec, an expert on higher education policy of the Institute for the Development of Education.