Croatian students participate in the largest survey on student life in Europe

Zagreb, 03.06.2014

Croatia and 26 countries of Europe have begun the EUROSTUDENT survey on the social and economic conditions of students

From 3 to 30 June all undergraduate and graduate students in Croatia will be able to participate in an online survey about the social and economic conditions of student life. The research is part of an international project EUROSTUDENT aimed to compare data on student populations from 27 countries in Europe. By filling out an online questionnaire on the website students will provide information on the conditions of the study (location, cost, method of financing the study, work during studies, etc.), plans to continue their studies and international mobility, as well as on how satisfied they are with their study experience. Further information about the survey can be found on the Facebook page (

The EUROSTUDENT survey was conducted for the first time in Croatia 2010 and based on the survey results a number of reports have been published.* The research results obtained were used for further development and improvement of public policies in higher education, based on the identified needs of students, as well as for the development of the national Strategy for Education, Science and Technology.

In Croatia, the research is conducted by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport in partnership with the University Computing Centre of University of Zagreb (SRCE), the Institute for Development of Education, Ipsos Puls, the Croatian National Eurydice Network Unit (EurydiceHr) and ARETIS Ltd.Two national representative body of students and many student organisations, student portals and student radio sre included in the promotion of the EUROSTUDENT. The list of all partners is available on the website


*Reports based on research the EUROSTUDENT from 2010.:

  • Social and Economic Conditions of Students in Croatia: National EUROSTUDENT Report for Croatia (2011)
  • Higher Education Funding and the Social Dimension: Analysis and Recommendations (2013),
  • The Social Inclusiveness of Higher Education in Croatia: Situation Analysis (2014),