Scholarships for Higher Education

Scholarships are an important factor in higher education because they enable equal access to higher education, contribute to increasing the number of higher educated citizens and raise the mobility of students, researchers, and teachers within the European Higher Education Area and beyond.

The Institute for the Development of Education (IDE) carries out the following activities related to higher education scholarships: 

  • Administration of scholarships programmes for studying abroad, through which IDE contributes to raising access to higher education for Croatian citizens, as well as to greater mobility and professional development of junior researchers and professors; 
  • Development of scholarships information resources with the aim of creating a unique and comprehensive source of all information on scholarships for studying in Croatia and abroad, enabling Croatian citizens open and free access to available information; 
  • Information and advising on scholarships and financial aid for studying in Croatia and abroad with the aim of transferring knowledge on finding educational opportunities and financial aid to interested individuals.