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Call for Article about Educational Reform

Kategorija obavijesti: Pozivi za dostavu radova

Zemlja studiranja: Europa
Jezik: Engleski
Oblast: Obrazovanje

Rok za prijavu: 17-03-2008
e-mail: ironsidek@tol.org

Opis stipendije: Transitions Online (TOL), a media development non-governmental organization based in Prague, is commissioning an article series on education reform across various target regions, including Southeastern Europe, on behalf of the Open Society Institute's Education Support Program.
We are looking for articles on the education reform process in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.

The articles are meant to be "snapshots" summarizing, in a manner accessible to non-experts, the state of education in the target countries.

In particular, the stories will focus on disparities and effective strategies to address them, namely:

* Social exclusion: equal access to quality education for low income families;
* desegregation of children from minority groups;
* inclusion and adequate care for children with special needs;
* openness and accountability in education systems and education reforms: equitable and efficient state expenditures on education;
* anticorruption and transparency; accountable governance and management;
* open society values in education: social justice and social action;
* diversity and pluralism;
* critical and creative thinking.

Not every issue will be tackled in each report, but these topics will serve as a guideline. You are free to decide which themes are of greatest urgency and relevance for your country.

The style will be journalistic, rather than academic, with on-site interviews with the relevant experts. The average length of the articles will be between 1,200-1,500 words.

The pay is $250 USD, and the deadline is by the middle of March.

Please contact Kristy Ironside at ironsidek@tol.org  for more information.

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