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IFLA International Student Design Competition

Kategorija obavijesti: Pozivi za dostavu radova

Zemlja studiranja: Nizozemska
Jezik: Engleski
Područje: Arhitektura, Biologija, Ekologija, Geologija, Šumarstvo, Turizam
Rok za prijavu: 01-05-2008
e-mail: info@ifla2008.com
Website: http://www.ifla2008.com

Opis natječaja: This competition is sponsored by the IFLA and directed by the Stichting IFLA 2008 (Stichting IFLA 2008 is the acting foundation of the Dutch Society of Landscape Architects - NVTL; www.nvtl.nl )
Throughout the world climate change is affecting the conditions of nature and local weather. Most people experience these changes as an imbalance between nature and the human environment. This IFLA student competition seeks to stimulate the discussion about the specific contribution of landscape and urban planning and design to realize a new balance between nature and the human environment.

Climate change and its impact on nature and weather conditions is a world-wide phenomenon, but in each region the impact is different. Especially where it concerns changes in water quantities and qualities. What could be the new inspirational ways of planning, new ways of designing flow systems (of water, transport, energy, materials, information, etc.) and designing new spatial environments, that would create new environmental conditions? Are concepts such as ‘utopia', ‘autarchy' or ‘cradle to cradle' still valuable?

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