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Intership program - CIFOR

Kategorija obavijesti: Stručna praksa i zapošljavanje

Zemlja studiranja: Indonezija
Jezik: Engleski
Područje: Šumarstvo
Rok za prijavu: 15-03-2008
e-mail: n.djoko@cgiar.org

Opis stipendije: The Forests and Livelihoods program is offering individuals the opportunity to apply for a full time short duration position in the internship program. We are seeking dynamic graduates with strong academic results from courses with relevance to the key themes of the forests and livelihoods program. The intern program is meant to expand the horizons of participants through the opportunity of working in an international organisation. The costs of participation are catered for, but there is no salary attached to the position. The successful candidate can work in any of the offices where the Forests and Livelihoods program works.

CIFOR is an international research and global knowledge institution committed to conserving forests and improving the livelihoods of people in the tropics. CIFOR's high impact research helps local communities and small farmers gain their rightful share of forest resources, while increasing the production and value of forest products. It is CIFOR's mission to contribute to the sustained well-being of people in developing countries, particularly in the tropics. It achieves this through collaborative, strategic and applied research and by promoting the transfer and adoption of appropriate new technologies and social systems for national development.

The Forests and Livelihood Program focuses on the contribution of forest resources, their management, use and trade to the livelihoods of the rural and urban poor.

Internship Program Tasks
The full time position will mainly involve working on program outreach tasks. Some of the key topics that interns will be required to work on will include one or more of the following:
Derivation of key statistics on forests and livelihoods (at the global and continental level, as well as for Africa, Asia and Latin America, and striking statistics for particular countries and regions, e.g. Bali exports woodcarvings worth US$100 million annually)
Developing the web content of some specific major projects in the Forests and Livelihoods Program.
Annotated bibliographies for new areas of research

An undergraduate degree in a relevant subject.
Good writing skills in English
There is one intake a year with applications due by February 15, 2008. Applications should be sent to Nani Djoko (n.djoko@cgiar.org ) and include letter of interest, curriculum vitae and proposed budget.


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